This includes risk based pre-employment assessments, periodic and specialist medical assessments, occupational vaccination programs, medical advisory services and tailored injury treatment programs (‘InitialCARE’) – all underpinned by our commitment to solution based strategies and technological innovation.

Our business is singularly focussed on medical services in the workplace and we are the only organisation to have spent nearly two decades developing, educating, managing, referring to and monitoring what is Australia’s largest independent medical and allied health practitioner network.

Our national network comprises 6500+ practitioners (doctors and physiotherapists) across 2,500+ locations nationally. This ensures we can access the right practitioner in the right location at the right time for our clients.

Our Approach

Our approach revolves around ‘equity of access’ ensuring that every employee has equal access to the most appropriate and timely medical advice, information and treatment.

Our Customer Service

Our customer service is based on open communication and commitment to the management and provision of high quality, value for money health services that achieve our clients’ objectives.

Our Performance

Our performance is reflected in the strength of our client base, our practitioner network and our people all working in partnership to deliver the best outcomes for our customers across Australia.