Injurynet’s Practitioner Network consists predominantly of general practitioners and physiotherapists, and also includes nurses and psychologists. It is an independent practitioner network which allows us to access the best practitioners for the most appropriate treatment at the most suitable locations for our clients.

Since we are not a clinic group, we are not bound to particular practitioners at set clinics or locations. This enables us to expand our network to suit the geographic footprint of our clients.

Our network incorporates all the features inherent in an effective practitioner network:

  • Practitioners and administration staff in our network are trained and educated on our standards and protocols
  • Prompt timely appointments are available
  • Georgraphically wide-spread network access to cater for organisations with multiple sites or a travelling workforce
  • Quality assurance and continual improvement measures are in place
  • Data and trend reports can be produced for organisations regarding network usage, which can be combined with workers compensation claims data to produce a clear picture of lost time savings and cultural impact

The relationship between Injurynet and Network Practitioners

The relationship between Injurynet and network practitioners is one of referral and information provision.

We act as the central point of contact between employers and practitioners, promoting ease of referral and transfer of information in the fastest possible time.

We work with practitioners who are independent and can provide considered and balanced opinions on the basis of communication with all key stakeholders.

Over the years we have developed effective relationships with network practitioners to ensure prompt access, communication between all parties and provision of relevant, detail-specific medical information to assist with injury management, recruitment and fitness for duty initiatives.

Interested in joining our Network?

Injurynet is always looking for medical practitioners and physiotherapists who have knowledge and an interest in occupational medicine and workplace-based medical and clinical services.

If you or a practitioner at your clinic would like to express interest in becoming an Injurynet affiliated practitioner, please click here