Key characteristics

Knowledge - of occupational medicine and workplace health & injury management

Communication - with all stakeholders, in a proactive and solution oriented manner

Reassurance - for employees and employers relating to capacity to work from a medical standpoint

Commercial Sense - awareness of the financial impact of medical decisions on organisations and employees

Objectivity - opinions based on objective information

Evidence based - treatment based on best available scientific evidence

No Fixed Beliefs - a solution oriented approach to health and injury management and a focus on promoting and maintaining productivity in the workplace

Performance measures

Key Performance Indicators include:

  • Lost Time Injury Rates
  • Lost Hours
  • Duration until return to pre-injury duties or permanent alternate duties
  • Cost comparison between cases managed by Injurynet Practitioners and other practitioners

Service Standards

Injurynet has 4 key areas of Service Standards for Practitioners. Acceptance of referrals for Injurynet projects implies agreement to these standards:

  • Medical Practice Standards
  • Customer Service Standards
  • Professional Service Standards
  • Qualification Standards

Interested in joining our Network?

Injurynet is always looking for medical practitioners and physiotherapists who have knowledge and an interest in occupational medicine.

If you or a practitioner at your clinic would like to express interest in becoming an Injurynet affiliated practitioner, please click here