InitialCARE is coordinated through our experienced in-house triage team of nurses and doctors who specialise in the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses and understand the return-to-work process.

InitialCARE is underpinned by our national practitioner network - the largest independent, managed and accountable network in Australia covering more than 2500 locations nationally in regional and metro locations.

How InitialCARE works

Clients can elect for all injured workers to be triaged at first instance by one of our in-house nurses with coordinated follow up with a medical or allied health practitioner if required.

Alternatively, they can elect to bypass the nurse triage and have our team coordinate an appointment for an injured worker with one of our network practitioners directly.

InitialCARE Process

Key features

  • Proactive service that provides access to healthcare advice and treatment directly after an injury occurs
  • Triage service available 24/7/365
  • Nurse escalation to in-house doctors for recommendations, support and advice as required
  • ImageCARE allowing injured workers to send in an image of their injury to aid in the nurse triage
  • Pre-consultation call initiated by our InitialCARE team for complicated cases
  • Access to practitioners experienced in occupational medicine and trained to understand your workplace risks and suitable duties protocols, with a strong focus on work capacity and achieving safe and sustainable RTW outcomes
  • Seamless integration with existing processes and practices
  • Comprehensive and secure medical records database
  • Timely and meaningful reporting

Key benefits

  • Improved stay at work and return to work outcomes
  • Improved productivity, resilience and health outcomes for injured employees
  • 99% of treatment appointments scheduled on the same or next business day
  • 97% of injured workers treated by Injurynet doctors are certified fit for work in some capacity at initial consultation
  • Anticipated reductions in lost time injuries when compared to a non-Injurynet doctor
  • In-house doctors who support this service do not have a patient load are available and accessible to our clients
  • Injurynet manages all aspects of the booking process including service change requests, cancellations and reschedules releasing managers from the time-consuming task of coordinating appointments for injured workers