Practitioner network

Injurynet is the only organisation in Australia which has dedicated nearly two decades to developing the largest national, independent, managed and accountable medical and allied health practitioner network for the effective treatment of work-related injuries. Such is our reputation, each year we receive hundreds of requests from practitioners to join our network.

Industry experience

With nearly two decades of experience across 20+ industry sectors, we can share our knowledge and experiences; giving you insight into what’s worked, what hasn’t and why. We thrive on creating solutions for problems that others in the marketplace think are impossible.


Thanks to the high volume of referrals coordinated via our practitioner network (50,000+ annually) we can typically arrange faster appointments and responses to work-related medical matters than you can independently.


We are regarded as the industry leader when it comes to geographical coverage. With 6500+ practitioners in 2500+ locations across Australia and NZ, we can coordinate appointments near your worksites or near an employee’s home, saving time and hassle for all concerned.